Cultured Solutions Veg A 15 Gallon

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Cultured Solutions䋢 was formulated specifically for high performance water culture applications such as our Under Current䋢, so as to maximize production and yields while minimizing the waste and excess often associated with hydroponics cultivation. Our well balanced, extremely concentrated mineral nutrient enables plants to thrive at relatively low concentrations, while maintaining unparalleled performance and quality. Cultured Solutions䋢 potent formulation provides US growers with a premium plant nutrient without incurring the large carbon footprint associated with importing foreign nutrient lines. With high quality mineral inputs, pure Sierra Nevada water and exceptional chemistry, Current Culture H2O䋢 has created a Premium Plant Nutrient. It's our innovation, horticultural expertise and commitment to excellence that's enabled us to formulate and blend the best nutrient line in the world...right here in California! CULTURED SOLUTIONS VEG A & B is blended to be as pH stable and plant available as possible, without sacrificing yield potential or compromising crop quality. Our chelated, balanced formula provides plants with the necessary inputs for stalk, stem and leaf growth. Hydroponics System/Reservoir: Add 1-5mL of CULTURED SOLUTIONS VEG A & B per gallon of purified water., Foliar: Add 1mL of CULTURED SOLUTIONS VEG A & B per quart of purified water., CULTURED SOLUTIONS VEG A & B is suitable for all hydroponics applications including Water Culture Rockwool, NFT, Ebb-N-Flow and substrate based Drain to Waste applications.

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