Cultured Solutions Bloom A 2.5 Gallon

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Brand: Under Current
Product Code: CSBLOOMA2.5
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CULTURED SOLUTIONS BLOOM A & B is blended to be as pH stable and plant available as possible, without sacrificing yield potential or compromising crop quality. Our highly chelated, perfectly balanced formula provides hydroponically grown plants with the necessary inputs for explosive bud, fruit and flower production. 2-Part Premium Plant Nutrient Achieve Full Genetic Potential, Exceptionally pH Stable, Highly Concentrated, Hydroponics System/Reservoir: Add 2-7mL of CULTURED SOLUTIONS BLOOM A & B per gallon of purified water., Foliar: Add 1mL of CULTURED SOLUTIONS BLOOM A & B per quart of purified water., CULTURED SOLUTIONS BLOOM A & B is suitable for all hydroponics applications including Water Culture Rockwool, NFT, Ebb-N-Flow and substrate based Drain to Waste applications.

Supplier Under Current
Special Y
Hazmat N
Omri N

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